Latest Rumours Surrounding the Specifications of iPhone 6: Touchpad and Fingerprint Scanner

Since the release of iPhone 5s, rumours about the specifications of iPhone 6, the next in the iPhone series, has been quite strong in the web world. The tech geeks and analysts have started speculating the probable features of the next Apple smartphone. While none of these rumours have been confirmed by the manufacturers themselves, but that has not stopped the analysts from coming with new ideas as regards the features of the next iPhone.


The latest buzz is that iPhone 6 is going to have a separate trackpad or touchpad and the touch ID fingerprint scanner. The touchpad will allow the users to toggle through different applications in the phone from a single area. The news reports are of the opinion that Apple has bagged a patent for the touchpad present in the home button of the phone and fingerprint scanner from the U.S. Government. The patent document containing the details of the patent was more than 600 pages.

Touchpad is not a novel concept, as we have seen the usage of similar concept in the Blackberry smartphones. Apart from the above mentioned innovations, some of the highlights of the next iPhone are bigger retina display of the phone. Rumour has it that iPhone 6 is going to be launched in two variants which are 4.7 and 5.5 inch in size. Reporters found that Apple developers experimenting with prototypes of these two sizes in the lab and thus they came up such conclusion. Moreover, instead of the gorilla glass, Apple is going to use Sapphire glass cover on its screen making it 100% resistant to scratches.

The manufacturer has confirmed that the battery back-up of iPhone 6 is going to much better in comparison to the present phones. Although we are not sure, there are also rumours about iPhone 6 having wraparound display along with sensor buttons on the two sides. Siri, the most used application of iPhone is going to get better in iPhone 6, i.e. if we are to believe in the promises made by the Apple developers. PrimeSense Technology, the Israeli company that invented the 3D Sense technology, has been acquired by Apple last week and the innovations made by the developers at PrimeSense is used for making the Siri work well. So from next time Siri will come up with better answer of your queries and its voice recognition capability will also increase.

The big shot financial analyst of U.S. working under big banners as well as the technical writers,who are constantly in search of the latest development in the mobile industry, are of the opinion that iPhone 6 is going to hit the shelves of the store sometimes in mid-2014 and its price is going to definitely increased by 50 or 100$ as because the phone will be integrated with far more advanced technology and rich features.

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