iPhone 6 Concept: Larger Screen with Graphene Protection Fits to Normal iPhone Size

Here is the main buzz – the iPhone 6 concept which has accompanied a very new design featuring an edge-to edge display. A large and solid screen is fixed into this new design which has the basic size of the iPhone 5.


According to estimates, the iPhone 6 will at least take a year to be on road and Apple is comfortably building the new and amazing design. The company will be embedding its iOS based magnificent specs and features soon after the launch of the iPhone 5S.


Apple is likely to be victorious with the remarkable iPhone 6 concept that is built with an Aluminum and Carbon Fiber frame along with graphene coating in order to tag it as a lightweight device. I think Apple should embed its logo soon onto this design.

Well, the iPhone 5S to be unveiled is likely to have the same kind of looks as that of the iPhone 5 but accompanying new and amazing features. Maybe it comes as a cheap plastic iPhone but in different stunning colors. The release of iPhone 6 cannot be expected before 2014 and Apple can take advantage of this long gap to impress its fans hugely.


The iPhone 6 design looks sharp, made with original materials and would be running on the iOS 8 as expected. The key buzz of the iPhone 6 concept is the amazing 4.5-inch Retina+ display which constricts itself within the normal size of the iPhone but with a larger display.

In fact, this edge-to-edge 4.5-inch display is half an inch bigger in comparison to the display of the iPhone 5. Its resolution is also quite high but for some, it seems like failing to satisfy the 720P and 1080P display conditions found on major flagship smartphones.

Previously, in 2012, we had come across an iPhone featuring Retina+ display while at the same time a 4.8-inch displayed iPhone 6 archetype was also buzzed. But this iPhone 6 concept is larger than the previous prototype and is higher in resolution having 1296 x 754 pixels i.e. 333 pixels per inch.

Protective Graphene Cover

This design makes use of graphene for the safety and protection of the large edge-to-edge display. As you know, Graphene is a solid and durable material that is likely to protect a good number of iPhones and smartphones in the coming future.

This Graphene is the sole protector of the iPhone 6 concept and safeguards the display screen from damage and breakage. This is likely to boost the charging capability of the device along with provision of long battery life with the assistance of technology.

This amazing display would integrate with the accidental gesture recognition feature in iOS 8 so that the device is protected from accidental swipes and touches that would activate the iPhone. The edges of the display will be embedded with touch sensors that would enable you to know the way you are holding the device and hence avoid unintentional touches.


Well, the iPhone 6 concept is sheer amazing with its new, solid and larger screen and Graphene protection. Other features imported to its display are also praiseworthy.

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