Concept of iPhone 6 Phablet Style Smartphone Inspired by Retina Design of iPad Mini

News about iPhone 6 has been begun to surface on the web in just about two to three months from its last release. This speaks a lot about how eagerly the Apple fans are waiting for its release sometime in 2014. The iPhone 5c could not win over the heart of potential consumers because it could not meet up with the expectations of the consumers. Therefore, people’s expectation from the next iPhone which in all probabilities is going to called iPhone 6. The latest video on iPhone 6 shows the phone in metal casing with bezel edges.

The iPhone 6 has been designed by Kobi Snir and it has a bigger screen in comparison to the present previous iPhones. However, the exact size of the phone has not been disclosed by Kobi Snir, but the picture revealed in the recent video shows that screen size has increased primarily becausethe size of the bezel all around the screen has been reduced. Therefore, the end result is:the iPhone 6 looks like a miniature version of iPhone mini which matches with the phablet style phone which is in vogue these days.

There has been quite a lot of changes in iPhone 6 as far as the design of the phone is concerned. The size of the home button of the phone has been reduced, along with the size of the buttons on the keypad. The camera of the phone has been shifted to the middle of the back side of the phone, though in all the previous phone it has been in either of the sides. However, the most eye-catching change in the entire look is the neon yellow coloured casing. Mute colours are generally associated with iPhones, however this time it is not so. The looks of the iPhone 6 was designed way back in August but it came into the limelight recently when the cyber world was flooded with news of iPhone 6.

The design of iPhone 6 resembles that of iPad Air and we can definitely say that it is slimmer and sleeker version of an iPad. Many tech geeks and analyst from renowned publications and firms are of the opinion that the coming iPhone will be of 4.8 to 6 inch in size and it will be powered by a latest 64 bit A7 processor with M7 graphic chip and fingerprint sensor.

At first there were rumours about Apple getting released in March 2014, but since the Apple 5s is doing great in market all around the world, the released date of iPhone 6 was postponed. Thelatest rumour is that we are not going to see iPhone 6 before June-July of 2014. We will keep updating our readers with the latest news as soon as we get updates.

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