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RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 27/01/2013

Category: application | Author: jone | Date: 18-01-2015, 09:08

Wave Alchemy Transistor Revolution Kontakt-SYTHiC4TE
Wave Alchemy Transistor Revolution Kontakt-SYTHiC4TE | 6.03 GB

Introducing Transistor Revolution for Kontakt Player! Is it possible to accurately recreate the sound of a vintage analogue drum machine in a software plugin? nearly 2 years ago we started out on a journey to find out... After gravitating towards the most influential drum machines ever created (namely the TR-808 and TR-909) we soon discovered the extreme depth of focus needed to faithfully capture the tone, immediacy and groove of the original instruments.
Windows RusLive - one of the fastest Live CD. Programs are loaded into memory. Not all programs will run at a specified minimum memory. Assembly automatically supports multi-core processors, USB3.0, current SATA / RAID / SCSI-controllers, file systems (FS) EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/exFAT/UDFS, GPT, encrypted filesystems. At the boot menu there are sections of programs and utilities: Tests, Acronis, Terabyte, Security, GeeXBoX, Disk Utilities, Ruslive-RAM (loaded into memory, the choice of options: Mini, Lan, Multimedia), Ruslive-RAM Micro (load into memory, 128 MB), Ruslive (version Micro, 128 MB miniNT), MsDos, Plop Boot Manager.
Additional Information:
Ruslive PE is presented in the assembly in five versions:
- RusLive Micro (MININT loading, minimum RAM 128 Mb, no: the network, the console mmc, part sistem.dll in bootable. menu "Ruslive 128 Mb Memory")
- RusLive Micro (RAM -loading, minimum RAM 128 Mb, no: the network, the console mmc, part sistem.dll)
- RusLive miniLan (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 160 Mb, network support, MMC console)
- RusLive mini-media (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 256 Mb, network, USB, OpenGL)
- Multimedia RusLive c expanded support for audio cards (RAM-loading, minimum RAM 256 Mb, network, USB, OpenGL, DirectX).
(Total 4 types on the basis of support functions and memory consumption , of which version of Micro represented in the "placer" form and packaging WIM, the latter requires pre-loading the contents of the package in the wim-RAM.) In all cases, the same menu RuslivePE for Mini and Micro assemblies Some items / commands (PENetwork, Manage / UpravlenieKompyuterom, FoxitReader etc.) simply does not work. Version Ruslive MM (Multimedia) support search, install and run the audio drivers and Windows c applets using the driver package, which includes more than 200 drivers for the following categories and manufacturers of equipment: 1. Creative sound card brand 2. Solutions on chip Realtek 3. Aydioustroystva brand Sonexant 4. Drivers HDMI 5. Drivers for Virtual Machines VMWare, Sun xVM 6. ADI Soundmax for Desktop & Nout 7. VIA audio codecs 8. OEM-driver Asus ___ ... and many others in CD audio driver package for version Ruslive MM is missing (not included).
RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 27/01/2013 by NIKZZZZ
Recent changes:
# Updated USB3 driver
# Updated BootIt Bare Metall,
# BootSectGui, ChkDskGui (thanks AZJIO - komm.avtora)
# Minor update.
Integrated software:
. 1. Install all Hardware (PnP)
. 2. Install all Hardware (Force PnP)
. 3. Install USB Hardware (PnP)
. 4. Install LPT & COM ports
. BlueScreenView
. Calculator
. ChkDsk
. dccmd
. Device Manager (En w / hidden on default)
. Disk Cryptor
. Ext2 manager
. File Monitor
. Image Creator Wim 5.1
. ImDisk
. MountStorPe
. mstsc (5.1.2600/xpclient)
. Notepad/Mark0.9z
. Paging Files
. Registry Editor
. Registry Monitor
. RegShot Root
. Remote Regedit
. RunScanner (system)
. Synchronizes letters
. Task Manager
. Unlocker (context)
. zPNP Auto
. zPNP Force
. zPNP Manual
. zPNP Quick Manual
. Disk Defragmenter
. Device Manager
. Game ustrystv
. Command Line
. Local Users and Groups
. Shared Folders
. Conductor
. Service
. Disk Management
. Computer Management
. Network Installation
External software:
. 7-Zip 9.28Alpha
. Acronis: DDS10
TIES9.7 w / UR
DDH11 (11.0.2121)
. AIDA64 2.60
. AntiSMS 3.0
. AntiWinLocker 1.x
. Autoruns
. BootICE
. CCleaner 3.07
. Cpu-z 1.61
. Depends
EASEUS Partition Master (only DVD)
Far 2.0 x86
. Firefox 3.6
Foxit PhantomPDF
Game * Marriage
* Chess Shredder (only DVD)
* MagicLines
* Spider
. Ghost
. GhostExp
. Hard Disk Sentinel
. HDDScanWin 3.1
. HD_Speed
. HDTunePro 4.6
. HpUsb
. HxD
. ImageExlorer (PowerQuest)
. InfToReg
. IrfanView
. Kav7 (only DVD)
. KeyReader byJoshuas
. Nod32_42
. Opera9.64
. PassWordRenew
. PENetwork
Recover My Files
Registry Workshop
. RegistryReanimator * AutoRepair
____ (ReHive) _ ..... _ * Full disk (s) search
___________.____ * Standart
. SkyIAR 2.0
. SoftMakerOffice2010 (only DVD)
. Sun xVM VirtualBox (Only DVD)
. SynWrite
. TestDisk
TeraByte * Image forWindows
* OSDeploymentTool
* TBI Mount
* TBI View
. Totalcmd 8.0.1
. UltimateDefrag3
. UltraISO
VLC 0.8.6c (only DVD)
VideoMem StressTest
WindowsGate 1.1 32/64bit
. WinNTSetup 2.3
. WinRAR 4.0
Identified bugs and simply dangerous places RuslivePE current release:
* 7-zip: used version 9.28 alpha, development version, not officially recommended for important files;
* LicenseCrawler starts with a curved path - basically works, but first start looking for a utility runscanner;
* Acronis Disk Director Home 11: use ancient build 2121 - the author suggests to work with GPT-Hard, but this build is fully compatible with the current and massively used GPT-format + is questionable at the time was not yet released Windows 8;
* Note from the author: Acronis Disk Director Home 11 can not be used together in a single session or alternately Disk Director10;
* NOD32, as a rule, does not start from the first time, giving an error - treated blunt attempt number ... pattern is not established, better pause between attempts to tighten.
Some features of RuslivePE, which are useful to know (developments in 2012):
* Fixed bug with incorrect change video modes: resolution is reset to the standard VGA, 640x480, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Esc;
* ZPNP - finding and installing drivers: search priority shifted from drivers packed in wim, to "external" driver: that is, you can just throw in PeDrivers directory with the right drivers, they will be installed in the first place;
* Ruslive Micro: the absence of the Computer Management mmc absolutely furychit any operations manual connection with partitions or volumes on the media are not possible;
* Ruslive Micro: work with the drivers is not supported PeDrivers folder on disk with garbage is put to other options.
Update to a previous version of 20.01.2013, the details:
For those who downloaded the previous version of the release, RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 20/01/2013 by NIKZZZZ cd | dvd | usb_tools [Ru / En]:
- Download the latest version is not entirely sure!
To take in hand, only 2. Exe-file. Put the executable (s) in the same folder with the images of the previous version, run the executable (s). As a result, get the images in the folder of the hand.
RusLiveFullCD_2013_01_20_to_2013_01_27patch.exe - use RusLiveFull_CD_2013_01_20.iso.
RusLiveFullDVD_2013_01_20_to_2013_01_27patch.exe - use RusLiveFull_DVD_2013_01_20.iso.
9a165b1b966c2360562faef5a47089a8 * RusLiveFull_CD_2013_01_27.iso
1c94f92ebf69a82c5dc1d32451599c3a * RusLiveFull_DVD_2013_01_27.iso
1308fa7f5321115b94cd6b79542df0e4b6c921ad * RusLiveFull_CD_2013_01_27.iso
f8e2c547e413f913fd85e36d092a80ea271a0a71 * RusLiveFull_DVD_2013_01_27.iso
55278b559aec53371f1d0990208a2801207ca617 * RusLiveFullCD_2013_01_20_to_2013_01_27patch.exe
75694ce709045e01b5f81f75a99047d06d006730 * RusLiveFullDVD_2013_01_20_to_2013_01_27patch.exe

RusLiveFull RAM 4in1 27/01/2013 quality and highspeed download fileshare for free
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